Thursday, June 4, 2015

BCS ABU Plate Carrie Cumber

The ABU plate carrier cumber was designed for the U.S. Air Force Security Forces. The plate carrier allows the Security Force Specialist to adapt to any situation while performing their job to protect the people and property of the U.S Air Force.

The ABU plate carrier cumber has plenty of molle real estate. Fully adjustable shoulders insure a perfect fit for any size Airmen. The front and rear carrier include a hydration/comms routing webbing. The shoulder pads provide additional comfort and include routing webbing. If needed, the shoulder pads can be removed for lower profile operation.

The ABU plate carrier cumber can be ran with or without the cummerbund. Once the cummerbund is removed the two 2″ side release buckles secure the PC in place. This feature allows the Security Force Specialist to change load outs and adjust to environmental conditions with one plate carrier.

BCS offering 25% off on 50 of these plate carriers. The discount code is "AIMHIGH50". Ordering is available at The video below provides a complete overview.

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