Monday, June 8, 2015

Aero Precision M5 Receiver Combos

Aero Precision has partnered with to bring you the very first Aero Precision M5 Limited Edition Receivers! These products are extremely limited in numbers with a portion of all proceeds being donated to, an organization aimed at supporting our military snipers and designated marksmen.

ASO M5 Lower Receivers feature the full Logo on the both sides of the magwell. A custom machined bullet hole pierces through the skull of the logo and out the backside. These lower receivers are ASO serialized, showing your support for an organization that has done so much for our military snipers and designated marksmen.

ASO M5 & M5E1 Upper Receivers feature the skull hard engraved on the tang of the upper receiver.

Complete Rifles – Serial No. 1 has been donated to, but Serial No. 2 – 10 are designated for custom ASO M5E1 Complete Rifles and are available for purchase.

View complete details on these Receiver Combos at:

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