Thursday, April 2, 2015

SOLKOA Grip-S Survival Tool

The Grip-S (Grip Survival) by SOLKOA Survival Systems is a pair of adaptive handles that can do more field-expedient improvisation for you than any other multi-tool on the market.

The Grip-S design comes from requests made by Special Operations aviators for Evasion & Escape purposes and general survival use. The resulting functionality and incredibly tough construction make the Grip-S useful in almost any situation you can imagine for our military and civilians alike.

SOLKOA is a long-time major supplier of survival kits and specialized equipment to elite U.S. military units, so the Grip-S is machined from tough, high-grade 6061 aircraft aluminum to meet military survival specifications for precision and strength. This unique piece of equipment is not cheap but then, how much is your life worth?  

The Grip-S can hold standard flexible wire saws, any universal shank saw blade and any round or hexagonal tool up to a quarter inch in diameter. Accessories are simply attached to the Grip-S handles using the supplied set screws.

The Grip-S comes packed with a wire saw and Phillips/slotted screw driver bit. Universal shank saw blades, ¼ inch hex bits, metal files, drill bits and awls can be added to expand your capabilities or match a specific mission or environment. The kit also includes a metal connector to join the grips for longer length or position them at a 90-degree angle for additional handling torque if necessary. It comes in four anodized colors.

  • Two 2 3/8 x 5/8-inch 6061 aluminum anodized handles in tan, red, black or orange
  • One 28-inch multi-strand wire saw
  • One Phillips #2 bit and #10 slotted screw 2 x1/4-inch bit (may also link both handles)
  • Six set screws (3/8 x 3/16-inch) used to hold tools and blades in place in the Grip-S
  • One steel disc (for tightening Grip-S handle set screws)
  • Two 17-inch Type 1 nylon cord lanyards
  • Universal shank connector to link both handles (if needed)
  • Kit weight: 2 1/2 ounces
  • MSRP: $49.95

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