Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Mission Spec Gains Contracts From Covert Agencies by Adding Denim Line

Beginning early next quarter, Mission Spec, LLC™ (KS) will be adding denim to their existing Essentials Only Carrier™(EOC) and Shoulder Savers™ product lines after receiving requests from “multiple covert agencies”. The requests simply stated the need for an ultra low-profile and light-weight armor option that could easily “disappear” on agents during covert or undercover tasking

“We had the ultra low-profile and light-weight requirements already figured out with our EOC,” says Brent Keltner with Mission Spec. “The only thing left was deciding on the best pattern and texture to use for the covert nature of the request.”

It is unknown if Mission Spec will be making the new denim line available for commercial release.

Mission Spec is also seeking the services of Chuck Norris as the new spokesperson for all Mission Spec gear.  This is the result of an email poll sent to all Mission Spec customers asking who they would like to see as the new spokesperson. While Mr. Norris was not a selectable option for the poll, Norris won by an astounding 91% via the write-in field. “We listen to our customers and they know what they want,” said Keltner when asked for the reason behind seeking the new spokesperson.

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