Monday, April 27, 2015

Kalashnikov to Open Branded Stores within a Store

It would be great to see branded firearms stores across the country. The Glock Store sounds a lot more fun than the Apple store, especially when there is a range involved. Concern Kalashnikov has just opened their first store within a store in Stavropol, Russia. Perhaps, this is less of a commitment than the Apple store, but at least their brand focus within different firearms stores throughout the country will garner additional notice. We have provided their full release below in a translation adjusted provide full comprehension:

Concern "Kalashnikov", included in the State Corporation Rostec, launched a country-wide affiliate program to work with firearms shops and opened the first brand-zone in Stavropol. The aim of the project: the promotion of civil firearms products under the brand "Kalashnikov", "Baikal" and "Izhmash" on the Russian market, improving the quality of customer service, and all-round promotion of a culture of responsible handling of weapons.The program will include more than 150 stores across Russia.
As part of the partnership program, which runs until 2017, the Group will open a consistent look and feel brand - area (shop-in-shop) throughout Russia, where fans can not only purchase products, but also have access to a wide range of services. The basis for this formation is the uniform branding of company products "Kalashnikov" will be a new brand. The first branded lounge opened today, April 23, in the gun shop in Stavropol.
"Our affiliate program is designed to work with more than 150 gun shops across the country, which will provide an opportunity to work in a mode of constant feedback from users of our arms, giving each customer access to a wide range of products and a full range of services, - said General Director of Concern "Kalashnikov" Alexei Krivoruchko . - Our priority is to increase the share of the Russian market in order to take a leading position in its core segments, as well as providing a full range of customer services and technical support for customers of our civil and hunting products. "
In 2015, the corporate offices of Concern "Kalashnikov" opened in more than 15 large and medium cities in Russia, such as Krasnoyarsk, Tver, Perm, Pyatigorsk and Novgorod.
In corporate offices "Kalashnikov" customers can purchase related products, including branded line of clothing and weapon accessories.
In large cities, the company also plans to open branded service centers "Kalashnikov", where users will be able to get a full range of services including warranty service and repair of weapons, as well as cleaning and adjustment, selection of parts for customization and installation. Service centers will meet the requirements and high standards of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.
The program for regional partners regularly conduct training for products sold, as well as on topical issues of interaction between the Group and its customer's products.

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