Monday, March 9, 2015

Springfield Armory MultiCam M1A SOCOM

It is hard to get impressed with the mass inundation of new products that hit the firearms market. The new M1A SOCOM in MultiCam may not add something in terms of new function, but it simply looks great. here is the full release: 

We are pleased to announce that Springfield Armory will soon be offering their extremely popular M1A™ SOCOM rifle in a MultiCam color option. 

“In 1974, the Reese family ensured that the legacy of the M14 would live on. Springfield Armory® in Geneseo, Illinois began offering a civilian legal semi-automatic version known as the M1A™. Powerful, accurate and reliable, M1A™’s were soon found dominating the National Matches at Camp Perry. Shooters across the country discovered the versatility and enjoyable satisfaction of owning an M1A™. 

 Today, the M1A™ is firmly established as a platform that can handle any mission, any condition, any foe, at any range. M1A™’s are found in national competitions, in the hands of operators on elite tactical teams, and in the backcountry hunting big game. And although the M14 is no longer the service rifle of the US military, it still sees action as a designated marksman rifle and as a sniper rifle.”

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