Thursday, March 12, 2015

Outliers in Statistics Drive Gun Grabbers

We can appreciate the concern for the safety of all Law Enforcement Officers. The majority are going above and beyond to ensure the safety of citizens at every level. However, the use of their deaths while in the line of duty to drive gun grabbing is quite despicable. Statistics are a great way to point out a problem that does not exist even if a reality is there. 

Source: National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (2004 to 2013 - Left to Right - Total in Final Column)
We have provided the data for causes of Law Enforcement deaths up to 2013. Totals are in the Final Column. For instance 28 officers were killed in 2013 due to Auto Crashes. Previous dates trail back from there. Skipping down to "Shot" we see that the worst year in the past decade was in 2011 with 73 deaths. Of this 45 were killed while wearing body armor. Note the decrease in this figure up to 2013. I assume officers are not wearing body armor less than they did in previous years, nor do I belief AR-15 ownership has decreased over this time. The belief that a ban on commonly utilized ammo for the AR-15 will decrease law enforcement deaths substantially is a huge joke. If anything body armor has improved over time, while criminals are still most likely utilizing handguns while committing criminal offenses. 

The Washington Examiner in ATF raises new concerns about AR-15 ammo just quoted ATF Director B. Todd Jones as saying, "Any 5.56 round...(is)...a challenge for officer safety", and that he would like legislators to review the 1986 bill covering "cop killer" rounds to include 5.56 ammo. I can assure Director Jones that the 5.56 rounds locked in my safe right now poses no challenge to officer safety and that can go for 99.999% of the ammo out on the market right now. Out of those 45 deaths in 2011, how many were shot by these rounds? 44 Officers were killed in Auto Crashes during that same year. Should we ban officers from utilizing motor vehicles while conducting their duties? Many traffic officers here in Phoenix utilizing motor cycles while on patrol. Is this the safest means possible? I am sure at least one has given a citation for not wearing their safety belt if we want to further point out breakdowns in logic.

While these may seem like goofy meanderings of thought, the ownership and use of 5.56 ammo has clearly increased over the years, yet only 16 officers were killed in 2013 while wearing body armor. Presumably they were not all wearing ballistic head protection either. Obviously 5.56 ammo has been utilized to kill an officer, however these leaps of thought from the Director of the ATF are much more goofy than pointing out the dangers of driving a motor vehicle, while hitting the beat to clean up the streets. 

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