Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Iron Hammer Forge Fisher Spear

Iron Hammer, The Company that made the Rogers Belt Hatchet has introduced a new light weight minimalist wilderness survival tool survival tool.

The Fisher Spear is a light weight (only 40 grams with sheath and 550 cord lanyard!) multi-use tool designed specifically for wilderness survival. Each fisher is proudly made by hand from 1095 CNC cut steel blanks at the Iron Hammer shop in Byers, Colorado. The sheath is designed and hand made by SoCo Kydex in Colorado Springs.

The Fisher Spear undergoes a proprietary heat treat method which allows it to withstand the stress of being used as a small game, fishing spear, or trap enhancement as well as a gutting / skinning tool. The spring steel like temper allows the tool to be strong enough to bend, yet hard enough to take a razors edge. The Fisher Spear is shipped with a utility sharp edge, Kydex sheath, 3 feet of 550 cord, instructions and reusable cotton/burlap bag.

Being wilderness survival enthusiasts we also recognized the desire for a “Go Bag” set of Fisher Spears. We know firsthand that when you’re in a survival situation, multipurpose items enhance your ability to survive, and additional carry weight negatively affects your necessary calorie intake. A single Fisher Spear without a sheath weighs an average of just 25 grams. The Fisher Spear Trifecta includes 3 Fisher Spears for a combined weight of only 128 grams (That’s only 4.5oz!). Being able to have multiple chances at high protein food sources like, fish, rabbits, squirrels, turtles and even birds increases your chances for survival.

Available in Acid Etched Stone wash Finish.

Length : 5 9/16th inches
Width: 1 3/16th inches
Thickness: 1/8th inches
Edge : 2 inches
Steel : 1095HC
Hollow ground
Shipped with a utility sharpened edge.

Available at:

Dealer Pricing is available – Email for more information

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