Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Bullpup Shoot 2015

It is that time of year again- time to shoot BULLPUPS!   

Saturday September 19th, 2015
9am to 5
The Site Training 
11311 S. Skunk Hollow Road
Mount Carroll, IL 61053


We are bumping things up a notch and have moved to The Site Training facility in Mount Carroll Illinois (site of Bullpup Shoot 2011)

We will have three whole bays that will feature a host of full auto, suppressed, and rare weapons supplied by Vendors that you can try out.  Want to shoot a machinegun?  Want to shoot a suppressed subgun?  Want to shoot a belt fed weapon?  This is your chance! 

Better yet, we will have a fourth bay specifically dedicated for you to shoot your own rifles at steel gongs and to try out some longer range firepower!

A host of Vendors will be on site including Manticore Arms Inc., RATWORX, IWI USA, Steyr USA, K&M Arms, and many others.  Vendors will have new products on display and a host of items on sale including bullpup rifles and accessories (all Illinois and federal laws apply).

Now for those wondering, what exactly is a bullpup rifle?  A bullpup rifle is simply a rifle where the magazine and action of the rifle are behind the pistol grip and trigger instead of in front.  This allows the rifle to be much shorter while still having all the features of a "standard" rifle.  Bullpup Shoot is dedicated to getting together the newest, coolest, and best out there in the bullpup rifle world all in one place at one time!

The Site Training will be opening their Black Bear Lodge for lunch for all the patrons of the Bullpup Shoot.  You are also welcome to bring lunch and snacks for yourself!

Accommodations are available at  several local hotels, all about 20 minutes away.  We will be setting up a group rate and post as soon as it is in place!

Country Inn & Suite Stockton (approx 20 minutes away) 
200 Dillon Ave  Stockton, IL 61805  

Comfort Inn  Fulton  (approx 20 minutes away)
1301 17th St.  Fulton, IL 61252
Phone:  1-815-589-3333 

For additional info please or email us at

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