Friday, March 6, 2015

Ares Armor 80% Lowers Featured on VICE

Lets face it VICE is covering topics in a way you are simply not going to see it on the nightly news or pretty much any other media source. Sure they may get touchy feely or slant the story in a manner that doesn't suit your taste, but hell you wouldn't see it otherwise from other outlets. Such is the case with their latest coverage on DIY guns where they integrate some dialog from the former CEO of Ares Armor who made a big push selling 80% Lower Receivers for the AR-15 platform. They delve into the extremities of the argument pointing out an instance where DIY guns are utilized during crime, which is a disservice given the outlier nature of this counterpoint. However, we feel Dmitri served the purpose well in showing these products are not going away. They are out there and that is reason enough to make this a moot point. 

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