Tuesday, February 10, 2015

UTM Worldwide Offering AR-15 Civilian Target Ammunition Kit

We like the concept of having the capability to shoot "anywhere" (big quotation marks) without live ammunition for training purposes. The new training kit from UTM Worldwide will allow you to convert your AR-15 with a drop in bolt carrier group in order to fire Civilian Target Ammunition and avoid firing live ammunition for safety sake. We have provided their full list of bullet points, which we feel are quite convincing. The kit includes the Bolt Carrier Group Conversion, Target, Target Holder, Projectile Trap, cleaning kit, and a magazine with five rounds of training ammo. Not too shabby at a $350 price tag, which will make this a viable option for many. Check out their full line of products at:

  • Easily convert your AR-15 style weapon to fire CTA in seconds
  • Simple Bolt Carrier Group exchange – No Gunsmithing
  • The converted weapon will not fire standard .223/5.56mm – mitigating accident, injury and potentially catastrophic incidents
  • Safely shoot virtually anywhere – no range needed
  • Freedom from live fire restrictions
  • Virtually NO weapon fouling, Non-Toxic, Lead Free, Environmentally Friendly!
  • Normal weapon function, recoil and realistic & consistent cyclic rates
  • Intended for all responsible gun owners, Novice to Professionals
  • Train those new to firearms in weapon safety and basics
  • Replaces dry fire and enhances live fire practice for professional & recreational shooters
  • Improve your skills & proficiency safely with your own weapon: accuracy, trigger & breath control, sight alignment, clearing malfunctions, magazine reloads and more…

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