Saturday, February 7, 2015

Ukraine: Camo Lovers Dream

Beggars can't be choosers and when you need every uniform you can pull together, your armed forces become a hodgepodge of camo goodness. Just check out these latest shots released from the Ministry of Defense showing a cornucopia of camo goodness including MultiCam, Flectarn, A-TACS AU, and I am pretty sure those beanies came straight off the rack from Cabelas with their own in-house brand camo. 

Hell, when the going gets tough the tough grab whatever scrap is donated, pilfered, or dug out of the supply close. Unless it is UCP, then it is simply left behind as an easy target. Just ask these douche bags below to the left and right. Then again the chose camouflage uniform of the Ukraine military is vaguely reminiscent of the catch all camo, so in the end who knows if there is any thought at all to what goes on the back of those that fight.

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