Thursday, February 5, 2015

SORD USA Releases General Purpose Jacket

We got our start offering SORD USA products due to the detail and high quality design offered by their SORD Smock. They were at the birth of a 21st Century resurgence for the Smock and have now taken it one step further with an enhanced version in the new SORD General Purpose Jacket. The new model now features a removable fleece liner for added warmth and the ability for standalone use with its own set of pockets. 

The new General Purpose Jacket is also available in numerous colors including Charcoal Grey (As Seen Here), Navy Blue, Black, and Coyote Tan. Additional colors will be available at a later date including Tan, OD Green, as well as Kryptek Highlander and Mandrake Camouflage Patterns. This is a feature packed garment, so we provided the full run down below with a laundry list of benefits for comfort and utility. The SORD General Purpose Jacket is now available at


Adjustable Hood: 
  • Compatible with helmet 
  • Collapse and tuck away 
Shoulder Patch and Pocket: 
  • DPCU panel for when not in use and 
  • Helps with camouflage 
  • Reduces wear and catch points. 
  • Stores other patches in pocket. 
Reinforced Elbow 

  • 11 Total pockets front and back 
  • Fleece lined hand pockets 
  • Flaps prevent objects from falling out 
  • Storm flaps reduce snagging of buttons 
Outer Access Map Pockets: 
  • Conducive with wearing armor 
  • Still allows access within 
Adjustable Drawcords: 
  • Waist, hem, and hood 

  • Outer baffles 
  • Reduce ingress of water and dust 
  • Protect zips for longevity 
Adjustable Cuffs 

Centre Closure: 
  • Hook and Loop at top and bottom keep flap sitting flat 
  • 4" split at bottom allows more freedom when sitting, bending, etc 
  • Poacher's Pocket: 
  • Provides additional stowage of equipment 
  • Can also fit the liner of the jacket when not in use 
Internal Liner: 
  • Can be worn standalone 
  • An addition to army's tiered layering system. 
  • Liner additionally has its own hand pockets for use with out the outer shell 

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