Saturday, January 31, 2015

Official Statement on Concern Kalashnikov Producing Stateside.

We are hearing a lot of conjecture on Concern Kalashnikov, formally best known as Izhmash producing its firearms in some capacity within the United States to overcome sanctions put forth by the U.S. Government due to Russia's involvement in conflict within the Ukraine. Why profiting from manufacturing within the U.S. makes things all hunky dory is beyond me, but hey I guess if there isn't a law against it, then it must not be illegal. Another key factor is that there are already manufacturers within the Unites States building the AK platform without the need of red financing or commie despot spokesmen. So, I guess if you want the branding then go for it. At any rate, here is the official statement from Concern Kalashnikov: 

"Production Concern" Kalashnikov "traditionally maintained a leading position in the US market. The imposition of sanctions significantly increased interest in the production of concern, and such a move on the part of RWC in the current environment seems quite logical. Note that this project once again underlines the popularity of the legendary Kalashnikov. 

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