Thursday, December 4, 2014


I get a little jumpy out on the course occasionally. Usually when I am up a few strokes with a few to go. 

At that point I know they are gunning for me. But if they can't see me or my equipment I know I have an edge. 

Every little piece of equipment comes in handy and could be vital when it comes to who pays who, or who is buying the rounds in the clubhouse after the round. If ever you owe me a round it will be Maker's Mark in the clubhouse FYI. 
Which somehow reminds me of one of my favorite lines, "A man's life in these parts often depends on a mere scrap of information."

And then of course on the more serious side....rangefinders. I use a laser rangefinder. The problem is I also hunt and want one for that as well. So when shopping I had a dilemna. Do I get one for hunting and try to use it for golf, or the other way around?

Well I went with a golf range finder that is waterproof. I golf a few times every week vs not hunting nearly as frequently. However when I do hunt and need to get a yardage to dial in the scope I can still do that out to 800 yards with the golf laser rangefinder. So I kill two birds with one hand. And no, in a hunting situation I have never taken anywhere close to an 800 yard shot. Most shots run between 150-250 yards. So I peronally went with a nice golf laser rangefinder. 

My non golf buddies also use a laser range finder. A few use the NIKON REALTREE LASER1200 RANGEFINDER. I have had the pleasure of checking it out. It is very nice in my opinion. 

Looking through the rangefinder I find the optics to be crystal clear. I cannot tell you what a difference that makes being able to see what you are looking for. Add into the fact that it hits non reflective targets with ease, and I am sold. The range? Not bad at all. The specs show up to 1200 yards. I am also a fan of the camo pattern. It is a great buy.

You can pick one up for Christmas here at

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