Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Etsy Goes MultiCam

It is no great revelation that Etsy is sporting all types of doodads in MultiCam, afterall it is the most popular commercial gucciflage of all time. Why not have the opportunity of picking up a gucci purse in MultiCam? Well, they run the full gamut of products with the MultiCam pattern. One, JonEicher is pumping out iphone 6 cases utilizing aerospace aluminum for a very durable and great looking protection for your phone.

It amazes me how many folks crack their screens to smithereens and then keep using the phone, because they don't want to eat the cost built into their 2 year phone plan. There are simple steps that can be taken and why the hell not have that added layer of concealment with MultiCam thrown in the mix. Perhaps the $100 price tag on this option is a bit steep, but hey it is gucciflage. In the end you can always get something much cheaper, but then what will you replace when you upgrade to an iPhone 7 next week. Pick your own case up at

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