Monday, November 24, 2014

Tru-Spec MultiCam Options

Our most recent post talks about the exciting news that Tru-Spec now has some new A-TACS options. 

Initially I was not a fan of A-TACS. However my opinion quickly changed and I can now say that I really like the pattern. 

That said, my favorite pattern still is MultiCam. I have been using the original pattern here in Arizona for a number of years and have been very happy with it. Most of my use would be up around the Roosevelt Lake area along with some of the nearby higher elevation areas. I think it works very well in that type of terrain. 

Recently Tru-Spec has started to offer products in the MultiCam Arid and MultiCam Tropic. I have not yet used the Tropic version, but have tested out the Arid pattern. 

For much of the terrain around the Phoenix area I happen to think it is another great camo option.

For those of you in areas with more forest type terrain then of course you want to take a look at the MultiCam Tropic gear. I think it looks great as well and in the right area should be an excellent choice.

You can purchase some new Tru-Spec MultiCam gear on our website.

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