Thursday, October 2, 2014

Velocity Systems Protective Under Clothing System

Some of the coolest products we happen upon by mere coincidence even if they may have not become a reality to the public eye. Such is the case with the Under Clothing Protective System by Velocity Systems, which just received a patent last month. The concept seems simple, but we are sure the actual application is much more complicated, which is backed up by their extensive description for the patent. Velocity Systems is essentially developing a wearable base layer body armor platform with a top (shirt) and bottom (short/pant) that complements other protective equipment by filling in gaps and offering added protection. 

Velocity Systems Protective Under Clothing System 

Two insert options are considered with ballistic panels sewn directly into the compression fabric utilized, which conforms to the body. The clothing integrates can also integrate a static fabric harness that holds the ballistic panels in place to avoid movement when active. It is also possible to offer standalone garments with pre-positioned pockets to insert the ballistic panels as needed and secure with different types of closures. 

Velocity Systems notes in their patent that the ballistic panels can consist of layered polyethylene material, aramid, or other high performance ballistic materials. They utilize Dyneema and Spectrashield as select examples for commercially available products. 

The final product will offer comfort with overlap from other armor protection and can be customized with various inserts and different locations of placement as needed. Velocity Systems notes similar products on the market, however they are seeking an overall improvement on placement, modularity, and functionality. Various materials with FR, Moisture Wicking, and Anti-Microbial properties can be utilized for the baselayer fabric. The garments could be offered with our without sleeves for the top and with a short or pant selection for the bottom. The patent does leave a lot of elements open to customization, so we are excited to see some of the final products that can come from this patent now that it has been secured. View the full patent at
Velocity Systems Under Clothing System with Harness

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