Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Revision Military Introduces NervCentr Mobile Power Management Systems

Montreal, QC (October 8, 2014) - Revision Military, a world leader in protective soldier solutions, has expanded its capabilities by adding power provision and management to its roster of integrated technologies with the development of two new NervCentr™ Lithium ion rechargeable energy storage systems:  The NervCentr SharePack and the NervCentr Lightweight Assault Battery.

NervCentr SharePack
Just two of several ongoing developments within the power and data systems management area, the initial V 1.0 versions of the SharePack and Lightweight Assault Battery are being demonstrated at AUSA, with user trials and evaluations scheduled to start in late Q4 and continue through Q1 of 2015 with a projected ready-for-market target of Q2, 2015.

NervCentr Lightweight Assault Battery
"After acquiring this technology and engineering talent last February, we are excited to be debuting the first two NervCentr rechargeable products that will power many of the electronic devices used by soldiers in theatre and remove the need for continual replacement and disposal of non-reusable batteries" said Jonathan Blanshay, CEO at Revision.  "The ability of these products to indicate remaining energy and to be recharged easily not only allows peace of mind in knowing that the needed power is available, but also lessens the weight burden of carrying of replacement  batteries. The Sharepack, in particular, offers an innovative solution that not only stores and supplies power but also harvests power from multiple other sources and manages it for best efficiency in a conformal man-worn unit."

The NervCentr SharePack power management system is capable of powering a wide range of electronic devices simultaneously, offers wide programmable input and output voltage, flexibility, upgradable software and is a seamless plug-and-play solution.  It can harvest power quickly from equipment such as a solar blanket or vehicle. The multi-functional LCD display provides real-time data on the battery capacity, as well as details on connected equipment and available power - all designed to provide the soldier with power supply peace of mind so he can concentrate fully on the mission.

The NervCentr Lightweight Assault Battery is a low-profile, rechargeable lithium ion battery that packs the energy needed for a 12 hour mission.  Weighing less than a pound, the battery is small enough to fit into a magazine pouch.  It offers a high power density to power currently fielded equipment while reducing the weight burden of spare batteries and features a push button activated state-of-charge display.

Both systems are NetWarrior compatible are comfortable to wear and operate reliably over a wide range of temperature conditions.

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