Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Return of the EP Armory 80% Polymer Lower

Now that all of the ATF wranglings have died down, EP Armory is set to release a new Kevlar reinforced Polymer 80% Lower Receiver. Gone are the days of the differing color biscuit and raised pin hole placement indicators. However, EP Armory does provide a sticker placement jig for properly locating where to machine out the remaining material to finish your lower receiver. Of course, you could always utilize online schematics to measure and determine exactly where you need to remove material for accurate results. 

EP Armory AR-15 Lower Decal Jig
EP Armory has consulted with attorneys as well as the ATF to ensure that their current 80% lower design is not going to cause any undue raids. They are still working on getting their previous controversial design approved, but in the meantime, you can pick up a EP80-2 with a strengthened rear buffer tower and Keflar reinforced polymer design. The jig sticker system is thrown in free. The lower will also be available in multiple colors. View full details at


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