Wednesday, October 8, 2014

New Ares Breath 6"+ Muzzle Brake

The ponderous laws of this land present us with quite the predicament when building a rifle with a barrel shorter than 16", however the Ares Breath Muzzle Brake abides. Sure, you can take a 14.5" barrel and slap on just about any muzzle device and as long as it is pinned you can bypass the goofy legal construct known as a Short Barrel Rifle. We know the ATF are size queens, so the bigger the better in their eyes unless you want to pay an arbitrary $200 and wait for god knows how long to get a permission stamp. 

Ares Armor - Ares Breath Muzzle Break
We can rant on the idiocies of bureaucrats till we are blue in the face, but without their innovation, we could not possibly have the release of great products such as the Ares Breath Muzzle Break. Coming in at 6+", it will make Goldilocks feel just right down at the ATF when pinned to the popular 10.5" barrel. The sole purpose of the Ares Breath is to reduce recoil and mitigate muzzle rise. This is certainly not a suppressor nor a silencer, can, or whatever your other favorite moniker may be or noise dampening devices. Ares Armor even throws in a little wrench to anyone's plans of trying to make the Ares Breath anything more than what it truly is, a Muzzle Brake. 

Ares Breath Muzzle Brake
You may have heard of a certain ATF opinion on a SIG Sauer muzzle device with the determination that it was a Silencer, which it clearly is not. Ares Armor has their own response in regard to such opinions:
"We disagree wholeheartedly with FTB's determination in regards to SIG's product. However, this product is materially different and goes above and beyond what is required to ensure that any negative determination made by the FTB would be considered arbitrary, nascent, and malicious.  In an abundance of caution we have written to FTB to ask their “opinion”. Should they make an incorrect determination we will sue the ever living crap out of them... again..."
The Ares Breath Muzzle Break will be available soon with satandard threading for AR-15, .308, and AK-47 platform rifles at

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