Friday, October 24, 2014

Micro Kit and Micro Medic

Building on the great success of the Mini Kit MK-7, 20DollarBandit has expanded further with a more minimalist approach bringing the Micro Medic and Micro Kit for Everyday Carry. The Micro Kit, a scale model of the Mini Kit MK-7 pouch, was created to carry the bare minimum EDC items when cargo or BDU pants are not an option. The Micro Kit is sized to fit a standard "Blue Jean" back pocket and has ample space for quite a bit of gear and kit. The Micro Kit is constructed of 1000D Balystic Nylon and has a 3" x 4" loop field panel to show off your favorite morale patch. The quick access clam shell opening Micro Kit pouch will fit either a Samsung Galaxy 5 or an iPhone 4, 5 or 6 in the clear pocket side and allows for manipulation of the phone while it is protected within the pouch. 

The modular concept of use applies here, keep one stocked for each POU e.g. wallet, micro SERE, EDC kit. The MICRO KIT will easily hold, micro multi-tools, knives, pens, phones, cash, credit cards, ID's, micro First Aid kits, the Tops Turley 23, chapstick, the Vigilant Gear Micro SERE kit, most of the Gear Ward kit and anything else that is small and easy to loose.

This kit was very proudly MADE IN THE USA by HONORPOINT USA a Service Disabled Veteran Owned business located in San Diego, CA. This "Early Bird" run will be less expensive and will deliver first so JUMP on it. All Micro Kits in this run will be BLACK 1000D Nylon, expected production time is 3-4 weeks.

Dimensions: 6" H x 4" W x .5" - 2" D (depending on load out)
Material: 1000 Denier Balistic Nylon
Weight: 1.6 oz

The Micro Medic, Inspired by Mors Kochanski, was created to carry the bare minimum First Aid supplies with you on an every day basis. The Kit is so small it will fit in any pocket, front, back, shirt and certainly cargo giving you absolutely no excuse not to have first aid capabilities on your person at all times. The Micro Medic also fits perfectly into the Micro Kit back pocket or clear "High Vis" pocket. The kit comes standard in the LOKSAK waterproof bag just like it's big Brother the Mini Medic.

The contents of the kit are as follows:
(1) 3M Steri Strip (modern day butterfly bandage)
(1) 3-0 Nylon Suture Kit
(1) CELOX Homeostatic Agent (2g)
(4) Single use eye drops (refresh plus)
(1) Ampule Iodine
(1) Burn Jel (External Anelgesic)
(1) Hydro Cortisone Cream
(2) Triple Antibiotic Ointment
(4) Sterile Alcohol Prep Pad
(1) Splinter Out Lancet
(2) 1" Sterile gauze pads
(1) Moleskin (Kidney shape)
(4) Knuckle Bandages

Expected production time is 3-4 weeks 
Dimensions: 4.5" x 6" inches 
Material: Patented 6 millimeter film polymer
Weight: 1.6 oz

Both the Micro Medic and Mini Kit are available at

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