Monday, October 6, 2014

EFFIN A MKII 9mm Now Available

We have seen the EFFIN A Compensator fully develop to one of the most popular muzzle devices on the market and the only option to custom tune your comp to an individual firearm or round. Ares Armor has now released the 9mm version for AR Pistols, Carbines, or handguns with a threaded barrel. This expands on the current offering of 5.56x45 (.223 Rem), .308 (7.62x51), and 7.62x39. The EFFIN A 9mm is threaded for 1/2x36. All other factors of the MKII version of the compensator. You can find a full recap of the EFFIN A Compensator in the video below. The EFFIN A MKII 9mm is now available at

Ares Armor EFFIN A 9mm Compensator

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