Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mat-Evac Padded Litter

Agilite has released a new evacuation litter based on previous experience with Ambush Mats in the IDF. This is a great option for outdoorsmen as well, since it is essentially a closed cell foam mat utilized in recon posts with webbing loops that work as handles in case of any needed evacuation. Maximum carrying capacity is up to 700 pounds. The tying straps can also be threaded through PALS webbing for easy attachment to any MOLLE kit. 

Mat-Evac Padded Litter - OD Green

Elie Isaacson from Agilite notes,
"As entire units carry these mats in the winter it also dramatically increases the amount of rescue litters available in a mass casualty incident like one I was personally involved in in Lebanon in 06' where we were left with 9 of our unit dead and 29 wounded. It also keeps the casualty off the cold ground and more comfortable while waiting for extract."
There is no need to double up on a sleeping pad and fabric litter when you can combine the two essential tools into one product. The Mat-Evac has already been picked up by elements of AFSOC, while IDF Airborne and USMC Recon have put the mat through field tested during the development process. Color options include Black, OD Green, and a Red selection for SAR. Custom colors can be arranged for bulk purchases. Pick up the Mat-Evac Padded Litter at

Mat-Evac Padded Litter SAR Red

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