Saturday, September 6, 2014

Krummlauf: The OG Corner Shot

If you rolled your eyes when first getting a gander at Israeli Corner Shot, just imagine when Allied Forces first beheld a curved barrel contraption with a mailbox looking optic strapped onto a StG 44. Forgotten Weapons gives a great overview of the Krummlauf, an urban combat rifle barrel attachment that clearly did not stand the test of time at least in this form.

At first look one may suppose that something went horribly wrong with this guy's Sturmgewehr or that it was some type of prop gun. In reality its a 30 degree curved barrel attachment to allow the shooter to fire around corners or from the trench. We are sure some Nazi out there said this was a solution looking for a problem, but we think it is a fairly innovative concept that clearly fell off the radar for many possible reasons including those mentioned in the video. Viewing the optic alone is worth the watch for this coverage of the Krummlauf. 

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