Monday, September 8, 2014

F.E.A.R. Camo Creeper Pattern Up Close

We have been covering all of the latest developments from F.E.A.R. Camo and their new patterns for various environments. Creeper is their new release focused toward environments with more green vegetation. They have provided us with a full explanation on their new pattern as well as their Sniper veils which will soon be released. The use of shadows in this particular coloration is very interesting and effective. You can read the full details below and check out the new camo in action.

F.E.A.R. Camo Creeper Pattern
Creeper is the fourth official variant of the same base pattern, but it is particularly interesting because the thought behind the pattern itself is a universal base pattern from which we can develop environment specific variants. The modular base pattern has re-configurable layers that allow us to modify the geometry and color palette while maintaining the core features of the pattern i.e.. the micro and macro elements and the highlight and shadow characteristics. The concept of trying to create depth in a pattern using highlights and shadows is not a new one, in fact it's becoming a very popular feature in modern patterns, but typically those features are lost when new variants are derived from them.

Creeper Camo in Action
The three previous variants D1RT, Sidewinder, and CRYO all use the Positive Space configuration, Creeper is the first to utilize a Negative Space configuration, so it was great to see it perform so well adding validation to the modular concept.

Creeper Camo - Down the Barrel
We hope that having developed a universal base pattern we can produce environment specific variants to rival any pattern that was specifically created for a particular environment and I would say that so far we are looking pretty good.

Creeper Camo Closeup
The veils themselves were developed to address the fact that regardless of how effective a pattern can be in it's intended environment, the individual user may transition through several conflicting micro environments. Our veils offer supplemental concealment that cover most of environments. They can be deployed and stowed in seconds, offer full body coverage, and yet weigh about 12oz. The veil can fit in a typical IFAK size pouch.

Creeper Camo Hide
The veils are not supposed to compete with or replace a ghillie suit, and as veils they won't be that useful if you need to move around much, but if your position is exposed or has limited cover it could make all the difference.

Creeper Camo from the Top

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