Tuesday, September 9, 2014

DARPA Ground-X Vehicle Technology

Someone may have been watching a bit too much of the Dark Knight, however we know that DARPA can bring fantastic ideas to life. The compromise of speed and protection is always up for debate until an option is offered that combines the best of both worlds. DARPA is looking to provide the GXV-T as a means to offer adaptable armor, burst acceleration, and suspension that allows the vehicle to adapt and move away from the threat. While we can see the great concept behind movable armor responding to a projectile, will it be as effective against an IED or other fixed threat? If they can pull of the versatility and agility demonstrated in the demo below, then the GXV-T could be a much sought after vehicle for use in combat. However, the enemies ability to adapt to technology may prove much more cumbersome than a machines mobility and speed from lack of heavy armor. 

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