Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Concern Kalashnikov Confirms they haven't ruled out Collaborating with Steven Seagal

Be still your beating hearts. The famed AK manufacturer, Concern Kalashnikov released a declaratory statement today articulating that it simply is not true that they have declined the opportunity to work with Steven Seagal to help promote their brand. While, I have not had first hand experience viewing Steven Seagal promoting their Kalashnikov rifles, it is certainly not for lack of trying and frankly quite the veracious effort. 

I for one applaud this odd press announcement, which is full of intrigue. It has been verified that any Russian sanctions on organic matter coming from the United States have not hindered their cooperation with the Hollywood Superstar and celebrated Lawman. Previously, the parent company of Concern Kalashnikov, Rostec announced that they had a preliminary agreement for Mr. Seagal to represent their firearms' brand at SHOT Show. Deputy Prime Ministor of Russia, Dmitry Rogozin is also in complete favor of Mr. Seagal promoting Russian small arms to the U.S. consumer after meeting with the acting phenom in March of last year, however this was prior to those pesky sanctions indefinitely stopping any shipments of new firearms to the United States. 

Concern Kalashnikov neither confirms nor denies that potential future negotiations with Steven Seagal will utilize his brand promotion prowess to drive sales of Russian firearms to the heart of America as a Brand Ambassador. You may rest easy and perhaps, also get the chance to watch Under Siege 3 one day. Yes there was an Under Siege 2; I had to Google that.

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