Monday, August 25, 2014

MultiCam Tropic TRU-SPEC Uniform in the Florida Woods

MultiCam Tropic TRU Hide Shot
Our friend John Ammon, Owner of UW Gear already got his hands on the latest TRU Uniform and Boonie Hat from TRU-SPEC. He took the new ACU uniform out into the swampy woods of North East Florida to assess its effectiveness.

The color variant as Crye Precision intended to reduce the visual and NIR signature in jungle environments with lush vegetation without seasonal change. While this is not the perfect intended environment, we must say we are impressed with the effectiveness of the pattern its as about as close as we can see within CONUS for a tropical climate that carries over to many woodlands within the country.

MultiCam Tropic TRU Reveal Shot
UW Gear is currently offering MultiCam Tropic in 500D Nylon for all of their chest rigs and pouches including the popular Swamp Fox MKIII Chest Rig. They will be utilizing Ranger Green webbing until a matching source is available. 

John also got ahold of the new 1/4 Zip Tactical Response Combat Shirt from TRU-SPEC, so you can get a first look at that in the video below along with a thorough overview of the uniform. The combat shirt utilizes an Olive Drab Torso as with the classic Woodland Camo Version and MultiCam Tropic for the sleeves.You can also see him get eaten up, while trudging around to get a better look at the uniform in the foliage. The latest TRU-SPEC Uniform Clothing and Headwear is now at at PredatorBDU. 

MultiCam Tropic 1/4 Zip Combat Shirt

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