Friday, August 1, 2014

Medford on Chinese Counterfeits

We thought this was a great video for today. Counterfeits are a billion dollar business. Not only do they take money away from ingenuitive manufacturers, but they can also sully the image of a product that is unique in its own right. With online shopping becoming more and more prevalent, it will be tougher for folks to not know what they are getting till it shows up to their front door. Even the most reputable websites can get fakes mixed in with their supply of legitimate goods. 

Companies like Medford Knife and Tool have taken measures to educate their customer base about counterfeit products, but you can only do so much. This video drives home a great message that is blunt, but perhaps not intuitive to the public at large. Obviously this is not just a knife problem and can carry over to any good you purchase. We will say this is Not Safe For Some workplaces.

There is a distinction when it comes to a company taking their design and having it made abroad when their customer base simply won't pay for Made in America. We have seen product lines fail on a major scale and millions lost, since the market would not bear the prices for the high quality U.S. manufactured goods. Obviously manufacturing in the U.S. is a worthy endeavor and a much deeper subject than we intend to address here, but ripping off someone's design and manufacturing it on the cheap is not only immoral, it often compromises on quality and hurts the brand of a product overall. Enough sermon, Medford makes it plain and clear. 

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