Friday, August 1, 2014

Malta Picks Up MultiCam Combat Uniform

Never mind, the greatest fighting force on Planet Earth, Malta has a new Combat Uniform and they are not tentative to announce the camouflage pattern as MultiCam. At least this is what news reports allude to with the comparison to patterns utilized by American and British forces. 

We don't see a whole lot of change from the original MultiCam pattern, but it doesn't take much to create a variant these days. There is hope that at least Malta gave Crye Precision a taste of the action on licensing the pattern though it does not behoove some to just create their own version and call it good. With a fighting force of just over 2K it should be a drop in the bucket. We must say the Lightweight Shirt, Combat Trousers, and Windproof Smock do look like a great ensemble from initial glance. The Malta Independent notes that armor carriers and helmet covers will also don the pattern, and the new uniforms will go into effect immediately for all Maltese forces. 

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