Friday, August 22, 2014

BCM Making AR-15 Pistol Builds Easy

Bravo Company USA delivers all of the goods when it comes to the AR-15 and now they are making it easy and affordable to slap on the SIGTAC Stabilizing Brace as well as other variants we are seeing come to market for your pistol build. We know you want that stamp and its clear an SBR is much safer with paperwork behind it, but those looking to save a buck along with the needless waitng, you have options. 

The BCM Pistol Receiver Extension Kit comes with a 7075T6 Buffer Tube, Stander Buffer, End Plate, Castle Nut, and Carbine Action Spring. As with other receiver extension kits, you can swap in the H, H2, or H3 Buffers at a premium as your needs see fit. 

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