Friday, August 29, 2014

ArmaLite Defensive Sporting Rifles

Perhaps a sign of the times and a quick jab at the Anti-2A cadre out there, ArmaLite has released their affordable Defensive Sporting Rifle series. The sub $700 price point on the DEF15 and DEF15F make these lowest cost AR-15 rifles for the brand that started it all and very competitive in a market flooded with inventory.
Armalite Defensive Sporting Rifles
The main differential between the two AR-15 offerings is the addition of an A2 front sight for the DEF15F. They also have an AR-10 rifle for those seeking affordability chambered in .308. Both DEF15 offerings feature chrome lined barrels with a 1 in 7 twist rifling and are equipped with flash suppressors. Total weight comes in under 6.5 pounds for the DEF15 and under 8 pounds for the DEF10. For full specs visit:

Armalite DEF15

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