Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Strike Industries Ambidextrous AK Bullet Button

Ahhh...Yes. California and other states of its ilk providing a market for parts that otherwise would not exist. In comes Strike Industries with a new Bullet Button specifically for the AK. Hopefully they can get some good sales prior to any other legislation passed down from those on high in Sacramento. See the full details on the new SI AK Ambidextrous Strike Lock below.

The Strike Industries Ambidextrous Bullet Button is the most proficient, low profile, ergonomic bullet button on the market. Our unique design ensures flawless operation unlike other bullet buttons on the market that can be quite challenging either by not being able to fully engage the mag release or the bullet slipping away.

The SI AKBB-AMBI installs in minutes with no alteration to rifle. Easy install  on the trigger guard and over the magazine release button of an AK-type rifle with no gunsmithing required it retains the magazine in the receiver to comply with CA. Code of Regulations §978.20(a). The Ambidextrous AK Bullet Button prevents rapid magazine removal. It’s constructed of heavy duty steel.
Package include
- Bullet Button
- Mounting hardware & instructions
- Ambidextrous operation
- Heavy duty steel construction
- Ergonomic low profile design
- Easy Installation

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