Monday, July 28, 2014

Signs You Live in a Free State

Washington D.C. Police Chief, Cathy Lanier released the following memo yesterday in response to the court decision on Palmer v. District of Columbia, which ruled a ban on the carry of handguns within D.C. as unconstitutional. This memo gives quick insight on the recent developments allowing the legal carry of firearms within the District of Columbia. The most telling aside from the blanket stoppage to enforcement of D.C. Official Code 22-4504(a), are the scenarios designating how an officer should respond to someone who is carrying a gun. You can read the full memo and we will save you any commentary to make your own decision on the matter. 

The most laughable part of it all is the fact that residents of D.C. among other locales carrying a firearm may be charged with a crime and arrested, while those living in Free States are open to practice their 2nd amendment rights. If you are visiting D.C. and fall in the grey area that simply does not meet one of the three scenarios, then you may want to seek verification prior to carrying there. Thankfully for those living in Vermont, Alaska, Arizona, and other constitutional carry states, you simply can look to Scenario 2 for a quick pass. It may get sticky depending on how you carry and how they decide to further interpret the law, but hopefully common sense prevails in our nation's capital if that is possible. Seeing how this all plays out will truly be intriguing.

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