Friday, July 25, 2014

SAAMO Smart Ammo from Everlokt

Safe Access Ammunition (SAAMO) is one of the latest proposed solutions to providing handgun owners a means to control who can fire their gun. An electronic system integrated into the specialized grip in tandem with specialized ammunition promises to offer individualized access to firing a gun. This innovation was spurred from the Sandy Hook Shooting and seeks a means to alter existing handguns, so that unauthorized use of your handguns would not be possible. 

While we don't want to be luddites or question the motives of Everlokt, it appears they may be far from perfecting the technology proposed. As we know, handguns can have inherent issues with operation in spite of electronic technology complicating the issue. Perhaps they are being vague on purpose to protect their technology, but as you can see in the video below, their message is big on end goal and a bit lacking in fully delivering confidence in it being a fail safe option for defense. Their own literature drives home this point in the statement below. 

Home safety and gun owner confidence in SAAMO™ can be enhanced though magazine seeding. Since SAAMO™ and ammo can individually or simultaneously operate in the same gun it is possible to first place ammo in the magazine followed lastly by SAAMO™. In normal operation the SAAMO™ seeded magazine provides a child safety shield while allowing for a quick firing response if needed. If at first the gun owner harbors SAAMO™ reliability concerns they can chose to eject SAAMO™ rounds in favor of ammo if time permits. “Choose to Use”.

I can understand where they are coming from, but it appears to be a quick means of retort to anyone stating the obvious concern with the complete system simply failing by the intended end user even if properly applying the correct means of operation. We have already seen the quick dismissal from many in the gun community for Smart Guns. It isn't too difficult to comprehend a technology that can allow single person access to a firearm, however this in itself may take the focus of true societal problems when seeking some quick fix. The illusion of safety or fear plays a large factor, however reality will play out to show that this is not an overnight solution. 

Perhaps this marketing "hope" below will come to fruition or more likely folks will see many of these promises as limiting in scope and stick with an easy lock & key option of many varieties that are already on the market: 

"Once the popularity of SAAMO™ spreads, “SAAMO™ SECURED” window stickers, similar to home security system signs visible at many home entrances today, will warn intruders there just might be a safety enhanced gun in this house not locked away because of child safety concerns. Dangerous home owner and criminal confrontations may be averted by this simple deterrent scheme."

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