Friday, July 4, 2014

Mohawk NORSK for OPS Core FAST Helmet

Agilite has just released a variant of its Mohawk Ops Core FAST Helmet Cover in Norwegian Woodland Camo. The Mohawk NORSK was designed specially for Norway's Rigg As Tactical group, a leading supplier of equipment to Norway's Military. Norway was the first country to adopt the Ops Core FAST Helmet wide scale for regular troops and the Mohawk NORSK comes in two sizes and will bring helmet-borne functionality to troops wearing the National pattern. 

Agilite Mohawk NORSK Helmet Cover
"We enjoyed working with Agilite on this project to allow us to provide another unique high quality tactical product to Norwegian forces. 

The combination of our experience with Norway's Military, Law Enforcement and Security units and Agilite's excellent level of design and manufacture not far from Europe, is always a winning combination." said Joachim Riise, CEO of The Rigg As Tactical Group.

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