Thursday, July 3, 2014

Chris Costa's Premier Low Light Course AAR

Costa Ludus kicked off their Premier firearms classes last month promising students more personalized training, better facilities, and the scenic beauty of Jackson, Wyoming. One of their first offerings, Restricted Visibility Elements Theory (RVET) spanned 3 days and nights and focused on the fundamentals of low-light carbine and handgun deployment.  Through demos and drills, students learned how to employ their weapon-mounted lights for threat identification while minimizing their risk of being targeted by hostile fire.  Because gear-and sometimes department policies- fail, Chris Costa also taught techniques for both carbine and handgun that utilized handheld flashlights.

To keep things both interesting and educational, Costa also invited industry partners to provide additional gear and expertise. All students received Costa SwitchBack Flashlight Rings from Thyrm and learned the Switchback Technique’s advantages, especially with a handgun. The Night Vision Company brought full night vision systems for students to run during the course complete with IR lasers and even thermal imaging scopes. Also in attendance, Milspec Monkey kept everyone smiling with free patches, gear, and apparel.

Burning through 1700 rounds, 6 CR123 batteries, and perhaps a few too many Red Bulls with Costa and his team definitely helped to shed light on the way darkness changes the game when using a firearm for self defense.  Considering the probability that a violent encounter will occur after dark, it’s definitely worth getting this kind of training and practice, especially if you can do it in a beautiful place like Jackson. 

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