Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What's New Is Woodland Again

John from UW Gear in conjunction with their Alpha Charlie Concepts Youtube Channel has a great video highlighting the 50/50 NYCO BDU selection from TRU-SPEC in the ever popular Woodland pattern. He touches on the key aspects that make this a unique military uniform selection and all the relevant selection even in the 21st Century. We are still seeing the U.S. Army utilizing the Woodland Camouflage pattern in some instances and as you know a 50/50 NYCO Ripstop fabric is the preferred option for non-FR uniform options. Sure the ACU Cut Uniform still covers the majority of Soldiers and you can see some elements integrated in this particular Battle Dress Uniform. We wouldn't be surprised if we started seeing more Woodland popping up one day.

He also touches on the popular TRU Quarter Zip Combat Shirt with Woodland Sleeves and the Adjuatable Boonie Hat.  Check out the other videos in their series offering more reviews of great military clothing and gear. You can see our full line of TRU-SPEC products at

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