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We had the opportunity to visit US PALM earlier in the year and check out their various products. A-TACS Camo is a very popular option for many of their customers with many utilizing their gear out in the desert environments and finding A-TACS AU to be a very effective pattern for the terrain. Below you can see full details on the various products in the Agile Combat System utilizing the A-TACS Camo Patterns. 

US PALM has developed an entire gear system around rapid plug-and-play mission driven adaptation. For those that push gear to its fullest potential, but find themselves in an ever-changing mission requirements or environments, The Agile Combat System, or ACS Kit for short, was designed for the end user.  “Things change, and you’re trained to adapt – your gear should too,” isn’t just a catchy marketing slogan, it was the mantra during the entire +18 months of R&D that went into the development of the ACS Kit. The ACS Kit strikes the ultimate balance between mission specific equipment and modularity. 

Agile Combat System in A-TACS AU Camo
At this time, the ACS family of components are comprised of 3 main platform options, the Desert Tracker Plate Carrier [DTPC], the AK Attack Rack, version 2 [AKAR v2] and the Multi-Platform Attack Rack [MPAR]. Dependent on the mission, the operator can  choose the front platform first, then decide on hard attached sustainment back solutions, or not, and keep them removable. Plates, or no plates? Riding/Flying to the fight, adaptability is key – Even when mission requirements dictate walking in from a drop-off point 12 miles away. Needing to support multiple weapons platforms, no problem. 

As an example:  users can pair a Desert Tracker Plate Carrier with a Draco HBP, ACS Collar and ACS Side Release Kit, and   have a full coverage hard-plate compatible rig with plenty of adaptability. Or, pair an MPAR with a Gryphon EDC, and by utilizing both components stock shoulder straps, this option offers the abilty to maintain a lower-profile, agile, dynamic environment Kit that still provides outstanding soft IIIa armor solutions front and back.

The ACS family of components were truly designed with the professional in mind. There is simply not another system that is as durable and adaptive as the US PALM Agile Combat System.
Features and options include…
-Desert Tracker Plate Carrier [DTPC]
-Multi-Platform Attack Rack [MPAR]
-AK Attack Rack, version 2 [AKARv2]
-ACS Collar
-Draco HBP
-Gryphon EDC
-ACS Hydro Tail –coming soon
-DTPC Rear Armor Panel [RAP] –coming soon
All of the ACS components are constructed of 500d Cordura nylon, and utilize made in the USA hardware and materials, and are completely Made in the USA, and fully Berry Compliant. For more information on this system and other A-TACS Camo products from US Palm or, to purchase one online or find a dealer, visit them online at: 

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