Saturday, June 7, 2014

Snake Hound Machine Custom Flattop VEPR #1 of 4

We talk about all of these great AK parts hitting the market, but it is much more interesting to actually see them be put to good use. Snake Hound Machine is not one to shy away from innovation and putting together a great AK. Their latest rifle is based on their UBR model utilizing a VEPR base, but from there they have integrated a lot of the latest aftermarket parts just now hitting the market. 

SHM Custom Flattop VEPR (1 of 4)
The most noticeable addition aesthetic wise is the Parabellum Armament AK BAR Fore Grip with the KeyMod Direct Attached System, which SHM added their own fine touch along with an FDE Cerakote job. Other Parabellum Armament parts include the AKARS rail mount as well as the new Ratcheting Charging System (RCS) developed by Dublin AK Systems. A Mission First Tactical Battlelink Utility Low Profile Stock is integrated for a line of site equal to a SIG 556 Series Rifle in conjunction with Troy HK Micro Back Up Sights. A 14.5" Bull Barrel chambered in 7.62x39 and threaded in 5/8x24 is utilized with a pinned Ares Armor EFFIN A 308 Compensator. 

Other key parts included are a US PALM AK-47 Enhanced Pistol Grip and AK30 Magazine. Other fine touches include a SHM Tuned Trigger and American Spring Kit. One four of the Custom Flattop VEPR Rifles were manufactured. Serious buyers can contact Snake Hound Machine by email for ordering information at Owen (AT) SnakeHoundMachine (DOT) com. For other products by SHM, visit

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