Saturday, June 14, 2014

Kuchofuku Air-Conditioned Jacket Gets Camo

Nearly three years ago we reported on the Air Conditioned clothing produced by Kuchofuku out of Japan. We were intrigued, since the A/C runs non-stop here in Phoenix starting in Mid-May. You have it in your house and in your car, so why not with the clothes on your back. One fan on each side of the jacket at your hips produces airflow and circulates the air from within the coat allowing for better evaporative cooling. Each fan runs on two AA batteries, so energy source is quite simple and with affordable rechargeable batteries, the ease of use makes this an interesting option.

Kuchofoku Air-Conditioned Camouflage Jacket

Throw on some camouflage and you have yourself a trendsetting jacket to where in your desert habitat. Unfortunately they are currently only available in Woodland and a typical "Urban" style variant, but we are sure there are plenty of folks that may want to put these to good use. Clearly from the photo proper hand placement makes all the difference, something about the elbows. While the batteries are cheao, you may have a little sticker shock, but who wouldn't for such space age technology. Pick up your own A/C pumping jacket at

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