Thursday, June 12, 2014

ATF Doesn't Want Your Jigless Polymer 80% Lower

We had been contemplating the many ponderings amidst concerning the possible implications of individual ownership for the Jigless Polymer 80% Lowers manufactured by EP Armory. Subsequent to the ATF raids on their facilities as well as  Ares Armor, it has now come to light that the law enforcement organization is not too interest in you as an individual if you had purchased aforementioned 80% Lower assuming you are otherwise legally capable of purchasing a firearm. Below, we have provided their full statement below for complete clarification. While, we don't think it is a great idea to flash around your final build utilizing this particular part, it is a free country to do so, or not, more contemplating...

After months of effort and bureaucratic shuffling, our attorneys at Michel & Associates were recently able to confirm with ATF attorneys that individual purchasers/owners of EP80 precursor polymer receivers do not need to worry about ATF taking legal action against them for their purchase or completion of EP80 receivers, nor their continued possession of these products.

ATF attorneys have finally confirmed, although not yet in writing, that the ATF’s interest in individual purchasers of EP80 receivers extends only to those individuals who are legally prohibited from possessing any firearms. ATF will be cross-checking the list of purchasers of the EP80 product with the list of prohibited persons, and police will likely visit anyone on both lists. So if you possess an EP80 receiver and are prohibited from possessing firearms, you should consider consulting with an attorney immediately.

Otherwise, according to the ATF attorneys, purchasers of an EP80 who purchased or finished the precursor receiver but who are not prohibited from possessing firearms should have nothing to worry about--so long as they do not use the EP80 to build a type of firearm that would be illegal for them to possess under state or federal law (such as an “assault weapon” or “short barreled” rifle) or use a completed firearm in an illegal way.

The ATF investigation into EP Armory and other sellers of the EP80 product remains open. But EP Armory and other sellers of the EP80 product are vehemently disputing ATF’s position that the unfinished EP80 polymer receivers are “firearms” as that term is defined under federal law.

The law office of Michel & Associates has submitted EP Armory’s legal position and analysis of the EP80 receivers issue to ATF. Copies of both ATF’s and Michel & Associates’ opinions concerning the EP80 products, and other documents relating to this investigation, can be read here.

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