Monday, May 19, 2014

Windham Weaponry Goes NY Compliant

We find it quite befitting that the company that started Bushmaster and later became Windham Weaponry after completing the sales cycle and landing back at their own plant is now making a New York compliant AR-15. Sure it may look a bit odd relative to a standard AR-15 Rifle and there will be the detractors stating that they are Kowtowing to the powers that be just to make a buck. However, we enjoy the fact that New Yorkers can now have a legal Windham Weaponry rifle, considering all of those in the media that like to use the term Bushmaster as if it was a dirty word. The connection isn't too much of a stretch...

Windham Weaponry SRC-THD
Back to the matter at hand Windham Weaponry has introduced their SRC THD, which you can see in the photo above. A Carbon Fiber model will also be available, which simply swaps out the lower receiver with the material in its namesake and comes in at just 6.1 Lbs., 5 ounces less than the standard model.

MSRP comes in at $1092 for the standard option and slightly less for the Carbon Fiber Model, so you can probably expect a sub $1K rifle at retail. For the price, this is a great alternative to other options on the market for those seeking a new AR-15 that meets the ludicrous and useless New York laws. The rifle comes with a 10 Round Magazine and a Crowned Muzzle. Windham Weaponry has various rifles that meet the needs of those residing in states that restrict specific features of a semi-automatic rifle. View full specs for the SRC-THD at

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