Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Varan Camouflage Pattern

We have covered some of the wares coming out of PROF1 GROUP as they develop some innovative products under their P1G-Tac Brand. Its been a while since we have seen some new camouflage patterns, so we were pleasantly surprised to see that the Ukraine based company has now introduced their own in house camouflage pattern for export that they have designated as Varan.

PROF1 GROUP P1GTAC Varan Camouflage Pattern
The pattern is quite intriguing as it combines what gives the appearance of standard and block writing when seen up along with a more standard macro pattern, which appears quite effective at distance. We are definitely curious to see more examples of the effectiveness of the pattern given its perceived texture. 

VARAN Camouflage Pattern
PROF1 GROUP has noted that the pattern was developed by their P1G-Tac Designers for use by units in the Middle East. They also have some U.S. Companies on board to develop clothing in the pattern and will also be producing their P1G-Tac line of military clothing in the pattern. We expect of different color options to be available as well. For additional information keep an eye out at Prof1Group.UA

Varan Field Test 10 Meters

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