Thursday, May 29, 2014

Quantum Stealth Camouflage Hits the Small Screen

It would be quite ponderous if there was a camouflage system available that operated as an invisibility cloak and was not quickly utilized by the U.S. Army if it was cost effective and could be easily utilized out in the field once developed to its full potential. We ventured into the realm of possibilities previously, so we won't wax poetic. However, with the latest revelations that the U.S. Army is adopting Scorpion camouflage as their transitional pattern to replace UCP, it is not to difficult to see how a long drawn out testing procedure and many variables/stumbling blocks at play can complicate a process to the point where the final result denies the most effective product from being utilized. 

Quantum Stealth (Hide)
Quantum Stealth is being touted as an end all camouflage with the capability to bend light and effectively provide the ultimate concealment. The producers of the new season of the television series Continuum had caught on to the hubbub out in the media concerning the HyperStealth creation which fits right in with their futuristic sci-fi genre series. 

HyperStealth Quantum Stealth Camouflage Mimicry on T.V. Series Continuum (Reveal)
I think its quite befitting that the producers were looking for a camouflage pattern that would be utilized in 2077, given the over half century departure from the present. After all seeing what I have seen in recent developments, it would not be too much of a stretch for the U.S. Army to start utilizing a pattern produced a half century ago. Of course when you have a fictional series, skies the limit. 

These producers of Continuum wanted an advanced technology and came to the HyperStealth offices in Vancouver where the show happens to take place for advisement. Guy Cramer told them that he already had what they were looking for, but it wasn't a pattern rather a light bending material, which they jumped on by integrating an invisibility suit that could be activated for complete concealment. In their meetings they discussed the best means to mimic the military version of Quantum Stealth without utilizing the actual product. 

The final result is a new logo for HyperStealth and the technology hitting the small screen with an airing taking place this past Sunday on Canadian Television and will make another showing this coming Friday in the US at 10/9c in Season 3 of Continuum for Episode 3 "Minute of Silence" on the Syfy network. You can expect more to come further down the line. A Green Screen with special effects were utilized to mimic Quantum Stealth for security reasons. You can see some screen shots from the show above to see a glimpse of how their creation for the small screen turned out.

The award winning series centers on the conflict between a group of rebels from the year 2077 who time-travel to Vancouver, BC, in 2012, and a police officer who accidentally accompanies them. In spite of being many years early, the rebel group decides to continue its violent campaign to stop corporations of the future from replacing governments, while the police officer endeavours to stop them without revealing to anyone that she and the rebels are from the future. 

The integration of Quantum Stealth has intrigued us, so we will definitely be checking it out. We haven't seen a whole lot of interest from the U.S. Military at least out in the open, but if the technology is possible (believe it when we don't see it), we would certainly like to witness it get put to good use. Perhaps the Army will just come to the realization that OD Green blends in with grass really well and revert back to that. 

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