Sunday, May 25, 2014

Prepubescent Autonomous Gun Manufacturers of Marin County

One would expect the environs around Berkeley to churn out an autonomous garbanzo bean blender to churn out hummus for a scraggly hackey sack circle. However, some young gents from Marin County, California are putting their noggins to much better use in creating an Autonomous Sentry Gun. 

Now we are sure some tin foil hats are doing their algebra and this makes perfect sense for some tree hugging Commiefornians as they look to disarm the masses, in order for their autobots to move in and enslave the worker bees. However, we just see some youngins looking to put together a kick ass robot and perhaps shoot stuff, though that Captain America T-Shirt looks suspicious. Perhaps that one has ulterior motives and is a government plant for this nerd cluster. That is an official term for such groupings, so no offense given. Nonetheless we fear for the day our robot overlords step up their game, so be sure to take a close look at the video and make a determination for yourself as to motives at hand. 

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