Friday, May 9, 2014

MSM Wrap Holster from MilSpec Monkey

Everday Carry Packs are evolving to offer many loop lined areas to organize your kit. They have developed an ingenious one piece holster that is hook backed to attach to any loop face. The Velcro One Wrap material conforms around your pistol providing a one size fits all design conforming to your handgun and its individual setup. It can also be utilized for rifle mags, cell phones, or whatever else you manage to wrap. 

MSM Wrap Holster
A separate retention cord attaches via hook and loop, which can be removed with the flick of a finger for an one handed draw without hangups. Overall the MSM Wrap Hoster is a simple concept that delivers on utility, which we love and a price point that no one can shake their head at. 

MSM Wrap Holster Removable Retention Strap

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