Sunday, May 18, 2014

Iron Hammer Armory and Sonoran Desert Institute Collaborate for Kalash Armorer Course

Sonoran Desert Institute approached Iron Hammer Armory about content contribution for the development of a Kalashnikov variant class module back in January. After a series of meetings at IHA in Byers, CO, and at the SDI home office in Scottsdale AZ, Iron Hammer Armory is proud to announce they will be working with Sonoran Desert Institute to aid them by any means possible to accomplish their honorable mission of educating the masses.

SDI Nomad AK
SDI agreed to sacrifice Gunsmith Jason Pfannenlstiel to the plains of Colorado for a week in order to absorb as much knowledge as possible from the reclusive Martin "Redwood" Solymossy. Gunsmith Jason was made to destroy a perfectly terrible under folder disguised as a range toy, and under direct supervision instructed in Redwood's style of AK Kung FU to create a lighter & more efficient defense rifle. 

The only part of the rifle deemed worthy of reincarnation was the barrel assembly. The receiver and the crappy under-folder assembly were melted down to make a boat anchor for the local fishermen. A new receiver was created, and a coveted Hammer Trunnion was installed to allow the direct use of modern AR-15 mil-spec stocks. This particular build utilizes the Mission First Tactical Battlelink Minimialist Stock. They also integrated the Magpul MOE AK Grip and Ares Armor's EFFIN A Compensator AK.

Iron Hammer Armory and SDI AK Course Collaboration (Final Result)
The results are in, and the initial collaboration of IHA & SDI has been an overwhelming success. Jason's brain fried, his ears smoked, and he retained about half of the knowledge that spilled on the shop floor in regards to the Kalashnikov platform over a week. He now knows enough to be dangerous, injured himself slightly, and can only rivet under direct supervision with a safety net. Jason was sent back sore and wet behind the ears to carry out his mission of bringing knowledge to the masses, and Redwood has returned to the quiet of his reclusive cave to continue to beat metal into submission.

The Sonoran Desert Institute is an Accredited School of Gunsmithing that also participates in the G.I. Bill and other Military Education Programs. View full details on their distance learning Gunsmithing programs at 

Iron Hammer Armory offers a wide range of products produced from their hammer swinging Blacksmith trade as well as top quality Gunsmithing. IHA is home to the Hammer Trunnion, the first fully integrated rear trunnion dedicated to receiving M4/AR-15 Mil-Spec Buffer Tubes. View full details on their variety of firearms, AK parts, and hammer forged stabby/choppy wares at

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