Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Ink and Iron Magazine

Its great to pick up a new magazine full of amazing photography and good content. Its even better to be able to simply download it to your computer or smart phone and take it all in at your own convenience. Ink and Iron is a new publication that is Veteran Published and offers a wide array of content. 

There are many special interest publications out there focusing on one category of content, but Ink and Iron really mixes things up. Perhaps that can be distracting for some or those looking simply for firearms info or just pretty pictures of pinups. Ink and Iron states that its focus is on a "front towards enemy" lifestyle. While this can have broad connotations, we think they did quite the good job gearing their content toward their niche. Ink and Iron has guns, girls, tats, music, and military related imagery and articles. There is not much to not like given the great content. We can see how certain aspects may not be for everyone, so simply flip to the next page.  You can download the first issue: Here. You can also pick it up on iTunes Keep up to date with all of the latest developments at the Ink and Iron Facebook Page

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